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Green equity

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Green equity

Improving environmental outcomes for low income households in Marrickville

The concept of "green equity" – assisting low and modest income households in meeting the challenges of climate change – has only recently been introduced to Australia but is rapidly evolving.

Local councils have a key role to play, given that they are close to the communities they serve and are in a good position to target environmental initiatives to low income households that would normally have the least capacity to take advantage of such initiatives.

There are now opportunities for Marrickville Council to take a leading position on 'green equity' and to examine policy measures to assist low income households within the area to improve environmental outcomes and wellbeing.

For information on the strategies Council is implementing to improve environmental outcomes for low income households in the area, please download the following documents:

Anti Poverty Week presentation: Climate Change and its Social Impacts

During Anti Poverty Week 2007, Marrickville Council organised the Forum on Climate Change and its Social Impacts at the Petersham Town Hall to identify and discuss the equity issues associated with climate change.

The Forum highlighted:

  • a need to think strategically about how Commonwealth and State Government initiatives can be better focused to assist low and modest income households;
  • a need for an effective approach that will assist people living in private tenancy (36% of total Marrickville households); and
  • the reality that carbon pricing and emissions trading schemes could disproportionately penalise low and modest income households, unless compensatory measures are built into the design of these schemes.

You can download the PDF versions of the multimedia presentations below.