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Environment Committee

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Environment Committee

Archived page

This page contains information about a former committee that was dissolved with the merger of Marrickville Council into Inner West Council on 12 May 2016.

Visit the Inner West Council website for information about the newly formed Strategic Reference Groups, which serve a similar role to the former Marrickville Council advisory and consultative committees.

In September 2010, Council unanimously supported a motion to establish the Marrickville Environment Committee.

The Marrickville Environment Committee held its first meeting in December 2010 following the nomination of eleven (11) community members.


The community members bring with them a wealth of knowledge and diverse perspectives. The current committee members come from a variety of professional backgrounds including teaching, engineering, landscaping, marketing, and construction, and have interests in the areas of green equity, biodiversity conservation, improving streetscapes, community gardening and strategic water management.

Membership of the Marrickville Environment Committee can consist of up to twelve (12) individuals from the community, at least two (2) nominated Councillors, and three (3) Council Officers - (the Manager Environmental Services, Environmental Services Coordinator, Manager Infrastructure Planning).

Committee meetings are held quarterly, with the first meeting of the year held in February.


The purpose of the Marrickville Environment Committee is to work with the community and Council on improving the environment for the Marrickville local government area (LGA). 

The Committee will achieve this by:

  • working together on the development of relevant environmental strategies and plans; and
  • communicating to Council and the community and raising awareness about, the importance of sustainability to the quality of life for citizens.

The Committee will be guided by the vision and key outcomes in the Marrickville Community Strategic Plan 2021 which were developed in collaboration with the community over 2010. In particular, the Committee will contribute to the following outcomes:

  • The community is responding to climate change and actively reducing greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Marrickville's streets, lanes and public spaces are sustainable, welcoming, accessible and clean;
  • Marrickville has thriving natural habitats;
  • Marrickville is a water sensitive city;
  • The community is working towards zero waste; and
  • The community is active in finding creative solutions to complex urban sustainability issues;


The role of the Marrickville Environment Committee is to provide support and advice and make recommendations to Council for decisions affecting the environment of the Marrickville local government area. It will:

  1. provide input at the early stages of strategy development to ensure that strategies are environmentally and socially sustainable;
  2. advise on the development and implementation of Council’s environmental programs, projects and initiatives and assess their integration with Council's other programs and works;
  3. advise Council on issues relating to the environment and be proactive in making recommendations for motions to be put to Council;
  4. facilitate on-going, constructive dialogue between Council and the community and be a forum for information exchange and sharing innovative ideas;
  5. identify issues and opportunities to see change to improve the environment;
  6. represent the diverse needs of the community and provide grassroots perspectives at high-level planning stages;
  7. promote an increased knowledge and understanding of environmental issues in the local community; and
  8. support collaboration and learning, and promote empowerment within, and partnerships between Council and, the community.