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Graffiti management

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Graffiti management

Council's graffiti removal program

Prior to graffiti removal
After graffiti removal

Marrickville Council is currently carrying out graffiti removal within the local government area. Council is focusing on graffiti removal from parks, reserves, playgrounds and abounding premises. Additionally, graffiti is being removed from private property in certain locations, such as main road thoroughfares and shopping precincts. Offensive graffiti is also removed when discovered. In an attempt to reduce and prevent graffiti, Council is working closely with Marrickville and Newtown Local Area Police Commands to maintain areas that have been cleaned of graffiti to reduce "re-tagging".

Reporting graffiti

It is important that graffiti incidents are reported to the appropriate authorities, ensuring that the removal is carried out by the asset owner in a timely manner. Please refer to the Reporting Graffiti link at the bottom of this page, which provides contact details for each type of asset.

Reports to Council

Relevant Council reports associated with the current Graffiti Management program are available to download at the bottom of this page. These reports outline the developed strategies that are currently being implemented to work towards a sustainable approach into the future to remove, reduce and prevent graffiti.