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Managing parking in the Marrickville Town Centre

A change for the better

Over the next few weeks you’ll experience improvements to public parking in the area. This is due to the staged rollout of Council’s Marrickville Town Centre Parking Strategy, which will:

  • deliver a better balance of parking space for residents, businesses, shoppers, commuters and others;
  • maximise the parking space already in place and deliver new appropriate space; and
  • manage changing parking needs over the next five years.

How was the Marrickville Town Centre Parking Strategy developed?

Council asked residents, business owners, shoppers and commuters about their current and future parking needs. We engaged with car and commercial vehicle drivers, cyclists, motorcyclists, car share organisations and others by gathering feedback from 4,700 households and running a community workshop.  

You told us that competition for parking space in the area has increased significantly over the last few years and that demand will continue to rise.

Your feedback was added to a study of parking occupancy and length of stay data and a draft strategy was created. This was placed on Public Exhibition in March 2013 and the final strategy was adopted by Council on 6 August 2013.

What are the main features of the strategy?

  • Extra short term parking (2 hour or less) near the shopping strips to allow more people to access local businesses and additional short term parking on Saturday mornings from 8.30am – 12.30pm
  • An additional 150 on-street angled parking spaces near the town centre in Despointes Street, Frampton Avenue, Gladstone Street, Malakoff Street and O'Hara Street
  • Protection of resident parking through changes to the M2 permit parking areas
  • New parking signs to improve consistency of restrictions, to reduce confusion and make it easier to find available spaces
  • Additional dedicated car-share spaces near the town centre
  • Further investigation into improving the useability of the Frampton Avenue West Car Park
  • Further investigations into parking on Arthur Street, Central Avenue, Fernbank Street, Leofrene Avenue and Schwebel Street.
  • New ½P spaces beside 175 Marrickville Road, 198–204 Marrickville Road, 265–273 Illawarra Road and 299 Illawarra Road

Maps of properties eligible for an M2 parking permit

Promoting sustainable transport in our precinct parking strategies

Council’s precinct parking strategies cover Lewisham, Sydenham, Newtown-Enmore, Tempe and now Marrickville Town Centre.

All the strategies are in line with Council's objective of promoting sustainable transport. This aim is embedded in a number of Council's key plans, including the Strategic Plan, and the Integrated Transport Strategy.

The sustainable transport approach moves away from trying to meet peak parking demand by building new car parks. Instead it supports better parking turnover and prioritises the appropriate vehicles for the appropriate parking spaces. It also promotes the use of public transport, cycling and car-share schemes.

Who can apply for an M2 resident parking permit?

Properties eligible for a resident parking permit (subject to conditions) are marked orange on the maps above. These properties may be adjacent to a permit parking area, or the permit parking area may be on the opposite end or opposite side of the street. Existing permit holders should renew their permits in the normal fashion prior to the expiry date indicated.

What happens next?

At its meeting on 18 February 2014 Council approved a budget allocation for the Marrickville Town Centre strategy rollout.

Work has started and is expected to commence the installation of signs and parking changes from early July 2014. This strategy budget also includes money for further investigations, evaluation and ongoing management over the next five years.

Apply for a parking permit

Visit the Resident Parking Permits page to apply for a permit.

For more information, you can view the most frequently asked questions about residential parking permits.


If you would like to speak with a Council officer about the new parking scheme – including permit fees and conditions of eligibility – you can contact:

  • Email: council@marrickville.nsw.gov.au
  • Face-to-face: The Customer Service Centre is open Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.00pm. Visit us at 2-14 Fisher Street, Petersham NSW 2049. We are a short 2 minute walk from Petersham railway station.
  • In writing: Please address any letters to: The General Manager, Inner West Council, PO Box 14, Petersham NSW 2049
  • Telephone: Please call Customer Service on (02) 9392 5000.

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