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Roads and footpaths

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Roads and footpaths

Roads in the Marrickville local government area 

State roads (red), regional roads (green) and local roads (grey) in the Marrickville area.

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Responsibility for building and maintaining roads

There are three categories of roads in New South Wales:

  • State roads are the major arterial links throughout the state and within major urban areas. It is the responsibility of the NSW Government's Roads and Maritime Services (formerly the RTA) to fund and maintain state roads.
  • Regional roads are routes of secondary importance between State Roads and Local Roads. Local councils are responsible for funding, determining priorities and carrying out works. Marrickville Council receives assistance from the NSW State Government to assist in the upkeep of regional roads.
  • Local roads provide local circulation and access. These roads are the responsibility of local councils. Marrickville Council receives Federal Assistance Grants to assist in the upkeep of the local roads.

Marrickville Council's network of regional and local roads extends over 215km. If you have feedback for Council concerning regional or local roads, please comment online or phone (02) 9392 5000.

Road and footpath works

Every year Marrickville Council refurbishes a number of streets and lanes in the area as part of its road construction and resurfacing program. These works include asphalt resealing, kerb and gutter repairs, road slab replacement, footpath reconstruction, stormwater and drainage reconstruction, and other streetscape improvements such as rain gardens.

Potholes and damage

Council undertakes regular maintenance of local roads and also resurfaces roads where potholes have appeared. To report potholes and other road or footpath damage to Council, please fill in our online service request form or phone (02) 9392 5000.

Council will investigate any report of pothole damage. If it is an urgent safety issue, the area will be made safe within 24 hours of receiving the report. If it is not an urgent safety issue, the pothole will be investigated within 5 days of Council receiving the report. Work will be prioritised according to safety and other considerations and scheduled to start within the following 42 days.

State roads and highways are the responsibility of Roads and Maritime Services (formerly the RTA). If you have feedback concerning State Roads, please contact their Transport Management Centre on 131 700.

Other links

  • Pedestrian, Cyclist and Traffic Calming Committee – An advisory committee that meets monthly to advise Council on traffic and parking control matters for which Council has been delegated authority from the NSW Government.
  • Transport committee – Meets quarterly to advise Council on matters of transport in the Marrickville area – particularly public transport, walking and cycling.