Featured artist: Shannon Crees

Current condition

Featured artist: Shannon Crees


Current condition

The state of our infrastructure

Current condition of transport assetsCurrent condition of open space assetsCurrent condition of  property buildingsCurrent condition of stormwater assetsCurrent condition of commercial car parks

For detailed maps that show current condition* of key infrastructure in the local government areas, click on the links below:

* Data is accurate as of August 2014. Council has a dedicated team working to continually improve the data.

Community engagement on infrastructure challenges

Council is doing more all the time to engage with the community on the topic of managing our infrastructure. Between September and November 2014, Council called together the Marrickville Infrastructure Jury to deliberate on the level of infrastructure quality the community expect, and what the priorities for new infrastructure might be.

The Jury agreed:

  • All 'very poor' infrastructure should be repaired, replaced and or decommissioned
  • The acceptable infrastructure quality for specific assets is outlined by the Jury here

Based on these revised scenarios:

  • What we're spending on infrastructure renewal in the current year: $4,113,000
  • What we should be spending to get to this scenario in 10 years: $6,467,000

More details are available if this is an area of interest: