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Council plans

Community Strategic Plan, Delivery Program, Operational Plan and Budget

The Marrickville Community Strategic Plan outlines the key objectives and strategies for our community over the next 10 years.

To support the long-term objectives set in the Community Strategic Plan, Council adopts a suite of plans annually that apply from the beginning of the financial year. The Delivery Program and Operational Plan outline how Council will work over the coming years to achieve the community goals and priorities identified in the Community Strategic Plan. The Resourcing Strategy identifies how Council's resources will be used to achieve the goals set in the Community Strategic Plan.

Visit the Community Strategic Plan page to access all of these documents.

Other plans, reports and strategies

  • Affordable Housing Strategy
    This document provides strategic direction and develops actions which will enable Council to achieve its commitment to plan and provide for affordable housing for current and future generations living in Marrickville.
  • Ageing Strategy
    Outlines Council's vision for the future and commitment to an age-friendly community for current and future generations of older people.
  • Bicycle Strategy
    The Bicycle Strategy aims to further improve conditions for cycling in the Marrickville area.
  • Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan
    In November 2011 Council adopted its first ever biodiversity strategy, with the aim to preserve and enhance Marrickville's biodiversity values and the ecosystem services they provide.
  • Marrickville's Sustainability – Reports
    Download Marrickville Council's most recent State of the Environment report, along with archive copies.
  • Facilities Needs Research – Strategic Directions for Marrickville
    A comprehensive and independent research and consultation project undertaken by Council into facilities needs in the Marrickville area. Provides Council with an important tool for effective financial and infrastructure planning for community facilities.
  • Land Use Planning
    Includes information on Marrickville's Local Environment Plan, Development Control Plans and Urban Housing Plan.
  • Major Projects
    A program of key major projects to improve community facilities and services in the Marrickville area.
  • Marrickville Urban Strategy
    Addresses a range of planning, community and environmental issues, to guide short, medium and long term strategic planning policies for the Marrickville Local Government Area.
  • Pesticide Use Notification Plan
    The aim of this plan is to meet the community's general right to know about pesticide applications made to outdoor public places that are owned or controlled by public authorities.
  • Public Art Strategy
    Includes vision and principles; goals and strategies; proposed sites and projects; future program implementation considerations; and funding options.
  • Public Toilet Strategy
    The Marrickville Public Toilet Strategy provides a fully costed, priority focused way forward to reach best-practice outcomes for public toilets in the Marrickville area.
  • Recreation Needs Research – Strategic Directions for Marrickville
    The Recreation Needs Research – Strategic Directions for Marrickville report provides Council with an important tool for effective recreation financial and infrastructure planning.
  • Rethink Waste Strategic Plan
    The Rethink Waste Strategic Plan will shift current waste and resource management thinking and action to a sustainable, responsive model that focuses on avoidance and reduced consumption, reuse and recycling as the means to achieve a more liveable, sustainable community and the 2023 Community Vision for Marrickville.
  • Safety in Marrickville Plan
    The Safety Plan outlines Council's response to community safety and crime prevention in the Marrickville area – including key community outcomes, strategies and projects.
  • Strengthening Marrickville's Migrant Communities: A Local Action Plan
    Focuses Council and community efforts on those suburbs of the Marrickville local government area experiencing social and economic disadvantage over a 5 year period from 2010 to 2015.
  • Integrated Transport Strategy
    The Integrated Transport Strategy provides the rationale and recommended actions for addressing local transport issues and moving Marrickville towards sustainable transport.
  • Water Strategy
    The Strategy for a Water Sensitive Community aims to move current urban water management in Marrickville to a more sustainable and flexible approach.
  • Youth Strategy 2009-11
    Outlines Council's vision for the future and provides strategic direction to assist in planning for current and future generations of young people living in Marrickville. Council is working towards increasing opportunities for young people, in a safe and healthy way, to develop their capabilities and to engage in education and the workforce, as well as in the recreation and cultural life of the Marrickville community.

Park Plans of Management and Masterplans

Council has developed a number of revised plans for parks and open space which are being used to inform Council's capital works programs. The most recent plans adopted are as follows: