Featured artist: Shannon Crees

Strengthening Marrickville's Migrant Communities

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Strengthening Marrickville's Migrant Communities

The next twenty years is expected to result in significant changes to the Marrickville area. Strengthening Marrickville's Migrant Communities: a Local Action Plan focuses Council and community efforts on those suburbs of the Marrickville local government area experiencing social and economic disadvantage over a 5 year period. These include Marrickville South, Tempe, Sydenham, St Peters and people residing in boarding houses.

This Action Plan represents the outcomes of research into key issues and priority initiatives required to bring about sustained change for the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities of Marrickville. It is underpinned by an evidence based approach, which includes an analysis of demographic trends and existing services and strategies, plus the outcomes of a targeted community and stakeholder consultation. In this way Council builds on an existing investment in multiculturalism over many decades.

All aspects of the Action Plan promote a strong commitment to partnerships. Agencies acknowledged in the Plan have been involved extensively in the consultation and development process and Marrickville Council will continue to sustain these partnerships over time.

The Plan is intended to deliver sustainable reforms for the local government area over time. Marrickville Council will support CALD communities by its efforts in the identified priority areas:

  1. Caring for an Ageing Population
  2. Empowering Emerging Communities
  3. Supporting Families
  4. Enhancing Public Spaces
  5. Advocating for Housing Affordability

Marrickville Council will ensure that opportunities are provided for citizens, service providers and stakeholders to remain engaged with the Plan's implementation through its Community Strategic Plan. This will include updating the community regularly on progress.

Marrickville Council will also ensure that progress on the Plan is monitored and reported through Council's Advisory Committees and Interagencies.