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Fees and charges

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Fees and charges

Visit the main Inner West Council website to view the current Fees and Charges document.

Current fees and charges


Section 94 contribution rates

Contribution rates under Marrickville Section 94/94A Contributions Plan 2014 are indexed quarterly (for the method of indexation refer to Section 2.15 of the Plan).

The indexation of the contribution rates occurs in the first week of the months of February, May, August and November each year, following the release of data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Summary of most requested fees and charges

Fee typeFee ($)GST ($)Total fee ($)
includes GST
Page no.
Building Certificate (Class 1A) 250.00 N/A 250.00 1
Development Research Request 219.30 N/A 219.30 27
Paid Clean Up (minimum charge) – maximum of 2 cubic metres 72.73 7.27 80.00 59
Fire Safety Registration 461.30 N/A 461.30 39
Fire Safety Registration Discounted Rate – applies if invoice paid within 30 days of receipt 175.60 N/A 175.60 39
Rates Notice Reprint 5.45 0.55 6.00 18
Parking permits

Visit this page to view the full table of parking permit fees.

Replacement mobile garbage bins
140 litre 67.60 N/A 67.60 58
240 litre 72.80 N/A 72.80 58
Zoning Certificate (s149 EP&A Act 1979)
s149(2) Certificate only 53.00 N/A 53.00 72
s149(2) + s149(5) Certificate 133.00 N/A 133.00 72
Urgency Surcharge (Application processed in 2 business days) 120.00 N/A 120.00 72