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Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre


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Artist's impression of redeveloped Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre. Click to enlarge – opens in a new window/tab

Marrickville Council has completed the development of the Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre in Enmore Park. Construction of the new facility commenced in September 2009, and operations in the new centre begain in December 2010.

The redevelopment of the Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre provides the community with a state-of-the-art aquatic complex and high-quality leisure facilities. The redevelopment improves the overall experience of visiting the aquatic centre by providing additional services such as a crèche, gym, café and additional pools and facilities.

The aquatic centre includes:

  • a new state-of-the-art 50m pool;
  • a learn-to-swim pool and a leisure pool;
  • tiered seating for up to 150 people;
  • an outdoor paved terrace with seating that overlooks the park;
  • a paved entry court off Black Street and the adjacent path;
  • improved changing facilities, office and reception area, public toilets and lockers;
  • a café that is accessible to both Park and Pool users;
  • a multi-purpose space suitable for a crèche; and
  • a Wellness Centre (including fitness and gym facilities).

Defects and incomplete works

Since Council began operations in the Centre, a number of works have been found to be defective and incomplete, and services had not been properly commissioned. For more information see the report considered by Council at its meeting of 3 December 2013:

Development Consent

A copy of the approved Development Consent DA200900114 can be viewed here:

Copies of the approved Development Consent drawings can be viewed by clicking on the following links:







News archive

The Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre (AKAC) in Enmore was closed for demolition and redevelopment on Sunday 12 July 2009, following development approval being granted at Council's meeting on Tuesday 7 July 2009.

Early works and demolition

Council awarded a contract to the Delta Group to undertake the Early Works for the redevelopment of the aquatics centre. The Early Works were undertaken in accordance with Development Consent DA200900113 - Early Works (PDF download). Consent condition 31 restricts working hours on the site to between 7.00am and 5.30pm Monday to Saturdays, excluding Public Holidays.

Works began with the erection of perimeter fencing and the construction of access driveways, along with the construction of several tree protection zones for the paperbark trees along Black Street. DA approval was granted for a number of trees to be removed, and a number of other trees were transplanted to new locations.

As part of the initial works, a section of the ceramic mural was removed and will be re-installed in the new redevelopment. In addition, the "Airport Mural" from the front of the existing centre has been removed and placed in Council's history collection.

By the end of August 2009, the former aquatic centre was demolished and the existing pools removed. Delta Group stripped the overburden from the area of the new building and filled the excavations of the existing pool.

Construction works

Construction of the new facility commenced in September 2009.

The major excavation works across the site were completed in February 2010. The drainage lines, in-ground conduits for power supplies, the base and walls of the in-ground supply air plenium, back wash tanks and pit for the lift were all completed.

During March and April 2010, the base and sides of the new 50-metre pool were completed and the contractor began installing the main steelwork for the roof to form the pool hall. The roof spans approx 30 metres and is over 70 metres long. The first floor slab for the Wellness Centre was also constructed.

In May 2010 the steel framing for the main pool hall roof was erected, involving the use of 2 large cranes to lift its four massive steel trusses in place. Due to their length, these trusses had to be delivered in 2 sections and joined on-site before being lifting into place. The connection to infrastructure services (electricity, water, sewer, gas and communications) also began.

The 50-metre pool was filled for the first time in May 2010 to allow for hydrostatic testing to ensure water tightness before tiling commenced. Concreting was also completed for the learn-to-swim pool, and work commenced on the curved leisure pool.

January 2010:

March 2010:


April/May 2010:

August 2010:

Construction update, October 2010

Works are now proceeding at a rapid pace to have the pools ready for the first swim in mid-December.

The roof has been completed as has most of the facade completed to the east and northern faces. An array of bright colours chosen by the architects has been applied to the external panels.

The pools are looking great with tiling to all three pools, installation of handrails and special pool fittings and the pool filtration systems nearing completion. The new filtration includes the latest microfiltration technology to provide better water quality and enhanced disinfection without the usual chlorine smells typical of other indoor pools.

The cogeneration unit has been installed, providing heat and electricity to produce domestic hot water for the three pools and the showers, warm the air in the pool hall, and drive the chiller for summer air conditioning. The roof top solar array is due for installation in October.

Landscaping works on the western park side are also well under way.


Preparation of the New Concept Design (August to December 2008)

Ceramic mural on wall of pump room before the enclosure of the main pool (photo credit: Matthew McKee)
Ceramic mural on wall of pump room before the enclosure of the main pool.
(photo: Matthew McKee)
Section of mural being removed for installation in the new centre
Section of mural being removed for installation in the new centre.

A new design plan has been prepared which included significant design changes to the initial concept design that was exhibited for public comment in May 2008. Marrickville Council took into consideration the views of the community and supported a series of design changes to the initial concept design. On Tuesday 16 December 2008, Council approved the new design for the Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre and approved a public exhibition and consultation process, which took place prior to lodging a Development Application (Item GM 107, C/M 10/08).

The main changes to the proposed new design included:

  • The area (footprint) occupied by the proposed new pool complex (including the pool building and outside area), is significantly less than what was proposed in the initial concept design. It is now smaller than the area of the existing pool buildings and accompanying fenced grassy area.
  • The reduced footprint means the BBQ and seating area in the park will be retained.
  • The reduced footprint also allows for the expansion of the existing playground in the Victoria Road and Black Street area of the park. 
  • In addition, the pathway between Black Street and the rondel in the centre of the park will be retained.
  • The roof height has been lowered so that it is no higher than the roof of the existing pool building.
  • The design of the roof has been simplified to better reflect its surrounds.
  • The new building will be set back from Black Street allowing the row of paperbark trees to be maintained. The smaller footprint allows other trees to be retained and additional planting has also been included in the concept park masterplan.
  • The bulk of the building has been reduced by setting the main floor into the ground allowing for the retention of the park on the northern (Llewellyn Street) and western (Park side) perimeters. 
  • The southern section of roof has been reversed so that it slopes towards the pathway between Black Street and the rondel. This substantially reduces the bulk of the building as seen from the park.
  • The cafe will be located on the park side of the pool complex and will face towards the park so that it is easily accessible for both pool and park users. The new cafe also includes a paved deck allowing outdoor seating towards the centre of the park.

These designs were on public exhibition from Monday 26 January to Sunday 16 February 2009. To view an archived page follow the link below:

Parking and Traffic

Further detailed studies of parking and traffic were undertaken by the project team. These included a reassessment of the projected numbers attending the centre, the likely demand for parking, opportunities to better manage existing parking to reduce impacts on local residents and identification of opportunities to increase the supply of parking in the immediate vicinity. A further report of the findings was put on public exhibition in March. To view these documents, visit the archived consultation page at the link below:

Enmore Park Draft Plan of Management

The new concept design has been prepared in accordance with Council's existing Plan of Management for Enmore Park (1991)

A draft Plan of Management for Crown Land at Enmore Park, Enmore Road, Enmore will be placed on public exhibition for 28 days from Thursday 27 May 2010.  Written submissions will be received by Marrickville Council until Friday 9 July 2010. View the consultation page on the draft Plan of Management for Enmore Park here.

Council has preparied a new draft Plan of Management for Enmore Park, including a new masterplan, which proposes a number of additional improvements in the park including; new play spaces with softfall surfaces, an upgrade to the barbeque facilities, additional seating and cycle racks, landscaping, trees and lawn areas.

Fact Sheet on the Concept Park Masterplan and Pool Interface can be found below:

To read more about the redevelopment of the Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre click here.

About Annette Kellerman

Annette Kellerman was a Marrickville-born swimmer, aquatic performer and actress, who at one point held all of the world's records for women's swimming.