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Archive of reporting of preliminary draft LEP and DCP to Council

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Archive of reporting of preliminary draft LEP and DCP to Council

Council reports on the progress of the new Local Environmental Plan 2010

The draft MLEP 2010 is the result of a process which began with Council's adoption of the Marrickville Urban Strategy in April 2007, and implements recommendations of the Marrickville Village Centres Urban Design Study, the St Peters Urban Design Study, McGill Street Precinct Masterplan and the Heritage Review. It responds to the Draft South Subregional Strategy's Marrickville local government area targets of 4,150 additional dwellings between 2004 and 2031, and 500 additional jobs between 2001 and 2031.

At the Development and Environmental Services Committee meeting of 1 September 2009, Council resolved to move towards the public exhibition of the draft MLEP 2010 by forwarding the draft LEP to the Department of Planning and requesting that the Department issue a certificate under Section 65 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (the Act) to allow the draft plan to be placed on public exhibition.

The report dealing with these matters which was considered at the 1 September 2009 meeting is available here:

Attachment 1 to the report includes the preliminary draft Marrickville LEP 2010. The draft plan is available here.

Note: The following draft is a preliminary version and contains different information to the version which was publicly exhibited.

At the March 2010 Land Use, Assets and Corporate Committee Meeting Council considered a progress report on the draft LEP 2010 and the status of consultation with the Department of Planning on key matters.

The report considered at the 9 March 2010 meeting is available here: