Featured artist: Shannon Crees


Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Mahoney Reserve, Marrickville South

Workshops at the Green living Centre

Rainwater tank

Volunteers planting at the Hill Street Rain Garden

Marrickville Council's Groundwork program

Various Council services are dedicated to enhancing and protecting our local environment.

Marrickville Council's Environmental Services section develops and implements sustainability strategies and engages with the community, local schools, businesses and adjoining Councils to protect and enhance the local environment through education programs and joint projects, as well as setting and reviewing Council's own environmental management practices.

Marrickville Council's Resource Recovery services provide residents with with a comprehensive recycling and waste services, including fortnightly recycling and green waste services that have reduced landfill waste by 12,000 tonnes per year.

Council's Parks and Reserves team are responsible for the planning, design and maintenance of local parks and reserves, and for the management of the community's tree stock. Our Parks and Streetscape team provide daily services to keep our urban environment clean and tidy.

The Green Living Centre, a joint initiative of the City of Sydney and Marrickville Council, is a sustainability resource centre in Newtown that offers a variety of services such as a library, free workshops, educational and business programs, and practical ideas for everyday sustainable living.

Phillip and Gladstone Street Neighbourhood Action Group

Jeremy Mah shares the story of how he set up his neighbourhood action group in Enmore. The group of local residents meet regularly to clean the streets in the area and have worked with Marrickville Council and local businesses to increase street plants and reduce graffiti.

Click here for more information about the target sustainability @ marrickville business program.