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In your community

In your community

Inner West Council operates a number of sustainability initiatives across the former Marrickville Local Government Area. Being a highly urbanised part of Sydney, our activities focus on working with the community, community gardening, managing water and protecting and supporting the biodiversity and health of our bushland and waterways.

Community programs and projects

  • Community gardens
    Council supports a number of community gardens across the local government area and encourages citizens to join established community gardens or develop their own.
  • Groundwork – Grassroots Sustainability
    Are you part of a local community group or would you like to start one? The Groundwork grassroots sustainability program run by Council aims to facilitate already established groups through skills sharing and peer-supported learning as well as providing support and assistance to individuals who would like to carry out local projects
  • Marrickville Community Nursery
    In partnership with the community the Marrickville Community Nursery seeks to be a centre for biodiversity of the Lower Cooks River Valley – protecting, conserving and promoting the biodiversity of species and natural habitats of the area. This page provides information about the nursery and its activities.
  • Sustainable Streets
    The Sustainable Streets pilot program is a collaborative approach between Council and the Marrickville community to create, manage and maintain verge gardens.

Also in this section

  • Green Living Centre
    The Green Living Centre is a sustainability resource centre in the heart of Newtown that is dedicated to growing a culture of environmental sustainability within the urban community. Visit this section to find out more about the Green Living Centre shopfront and programs such as free sustainability workshops, bagshare and the reusable coffee cup initiative.
  • Cooks River
    Council is involved in many projects with the aim of improving the Cooks River as a natural and community resource. This page provides information about the Cooks River and ways that you can become involved in initiatives to improve the rivers health.
  • Biodiversity
    Although the Marrickville area is highly urbanised, both Council and local residents are working on a range of important initiatives that support and protect and our local waterways and bushland areas. Find out more on these projects at this page.
  • Water
    Rain that falls in the former Marrickville Council area drains to Botany Bay, the Cooks River and Sydney Harbour. Find out how Council is working closely with the community to help keep our waterways clean and developing ways of watering our parks and gardens with sources of water other than drinking water.
  • Tree management
    Trees in the landscape make a significant contribution to the urban environment.  Council adopted the Tree Preservation Order 2007 to protect and improve the tree canopy of the former Marrickville area. Council approval is required on both public and private land to undertake works on or in the vicinity of a tree. 
  • Volunteering
    There are many opportunities to volunteer for sustainability projects with Inner West Council. This page provides details on ways to get involved in a variety of initiatives. Some examples of regular volunteering opportunities include helping with free environmental workshops, bush regeneration and plastic bag reduction projects.

How you can get involved

  • Join a local bushcare or landcare group
  • Visit the Marrickville Community Nursery to pick up some mulch or buy a local native plant to grow in yard and then see how it attracts new birds and insects
  • Visit the Green Living Centre and find out about living more sustainably in a fun and interactive workshop environment
  • Take a relaxing walk along the Cooks River and enjoy what the local natural environment has to offer
  • Pick one thing from the Energy In Your Home page and do it today. If we all do our small bit, we can make our environment safer and healthier for ourselves