Featured artist: Shannon Crees

Community programs

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Community programs and projects

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  • Community gardens
    Council supports a number of community gardens across the local government area and encourages citizens to join established community gardens or develop their own.
  • Inner West Sustainable Schools Network (IWSSN)
    The IWSSN brings school communities together to network and run professional development events. The network meets once a term and stays connected through email and Facebook.
  • Marrickville Community Nursery
    In partnership with the community the Marrickville Community Nursery seeks to be a centre for biodiversity of the Lower Cooks River Valley – protecting, conserving and promoting the biodiversity of species and natural habitats of the area. This page provides information about the nursery and its activities.
  • Sustainable Streets
    The Sustainable Streets pilot program is a collaborative approach between Council and the Marrickville community to create, manage and maintain verge gardens.
  • Living Lanes Program
    Marrickville Council is working with residents to improve our laneways. By greening urban laneways we can reducing flooding and illegal dumping and return these spaces to the local community.