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Marrickville Cooks River Committee

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Marrickville Cooks River Committee

Wave Rock, Marrickville Golf CourseIn April 2005 Council resolved to form the Marrickville Cooks River Committee to work in close collaboration with the community on improving the environment for the Cooks River and raising awareness amongst the community of its value as a natural system. The Terms of Reference were adopted in August 2005.

The role of the Marrickville Cooks River Committee is to provide support, advice and make recommendations to Council for decisions affecting the Cooks River. The Committee also assist with the coordination, implementation, monitoring and review programs, projects and initiative that lead to an improved environment for the Cooks River.

The Marrickville Cooks River Committee held its first meeting in November 2005 following the nomination of six (6) community members. Quarterly meetings have been held over the past years. In December 2006 the community membership was increased from six (6) to nine (9) to allow for greater community participation.

Committee meetings are held quarterly, with the first meeting of the year held in February.

Marrickville Cooks River Committee Activities

The Marrickville Cooks River Committee meets four times over the year to discuss projects and programs being conducted along the Cooks River and its foreshores including:

  • Cooks River Festival;
  • MudCrabs clean up activities;
  • Sustainable Irrigation Strategy;
  • Illawarra Rd Community Working Group activities;
  • Consultation for the Urban Strategy;
  • Cooks River Foreshore Working Group projects;
  • Hill Street bio-filtration project (rain gardens); and
  • Citizens for Sustainability program.

The Committee has conducted tours of the Cooks River foreshores in order for members to gain an understanding of the management issues, challenges and opportunities. The tours have helped the Committee identify a range of potential projects some that require future planning and funding as well as a number of general maintenance/operational issues that can be addressed through the day to day operations of Council.


The committee membership is determined every two years. Council calls for membership nominations in September of the second year from individuals in the community. The nominations are reviewed and in November of that year the new members are announced.

Minutes and agendas