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Planning water in your catchment community

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Planning water in our subcatchment community

A water sensitive community:

  • supplies water from within its catchment
  • provides green infrastructure to support ecosystem services
  • participates in making plans, designs and decisions that are water sensitive

Planning water in your subcatchment community

Strategy for a Water Sensitive Community

The Marrickville Strategy for a Water Sensitive Community aims to move current urban water management in Marrickville to a more sustainable and flexible approach that promotes liveable, productive, resilient and sustainable communities. The Strategy will be implemented by community and Council.

A water sensitive community:

  • can supply water from within its catchment
  • provides ecosystem services through green infrastructure
  • makes plans, decisions and designs that are water sensitive

A water sensitive community has a range of water sources to rely on. Its built environment benefits and supports the functions of the natural environment and helps tackle the effects of climate change. People, business, and governments work well together and support an ecologically sustainable lifestyle (adapted from Wong and Brown, 2009).

To become a water sensitive community, Council has developed the following strategies: 

  • Reduce the use of potable (drinking quality) mains water in homes, businesses, Council facilities and public spaces. 
  • Manage the stormwater system and its impacts on the urban environment.
  • Support regional projects to improve the health of the Cooks River, Botany Bay, Lower Parramatta River, Sydney Harbour and their catchments.
  • Implement sustainable urban water management.;

Marrickville can become a water-sensitive community by Council, local residents and businesses working together in partnership.

What is a subcatchment and how do we manage it?

A subcatchment is a local watershed where all the rain falling in the area flows to the same waterway (either the Cooks River or Lower Parramatta River).

Subcatchment planningCouncil and community are making long-term Subcatchment Management Plans for each of Marrickville's 21 subcatchments. These are developed through a collaborative planning process involving a range of Council staff and stakeholders including residents, businesses and other government agencies – known as a Subcatchment Working Group. The plans include actions designed for the specific needs of each community, such as to make the Cooks River swimmable. It considers each subcatchment's unique land use, demographic and environmental issues.

The following Subcatchment Management Plans have been developed:

Progress is tracked regularly and a review of the Subcatchment Management Plan is undertaken every five years by Council, stakeholders and the Subcatchment Working Group.

Sustainable Water Planning Guidelines for Councils

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