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Summer Reading Club Challenge

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Summer Reading Club Challenge

Summer Reading Club Challenge

Summer Reading Club winners are announced

  • First place is Saoirse 10 years old for the superhero powers of teleportation picture with Harry Potter and Voldermort. - $100 Gleebooks voucher
  • Second place is Jade 8 years with her superhero princesses that have the superpower of talking to animals. - $70 Gleebooks voucher
  • Third place is Molly with her Ruby Redford superhero whose superpower is making people happy. - $40 Gleebooks voucher

Check back later in the year for more information on Summer Reading Club 2017.


Summer Reading Club Challenge

This summer, Inner West Council library staff are dusting off their spandex, putting on masks and capes and diving head first into the best hero and villain books. From Superman, Luke Skywalker to The Daleks and Voldemort there is a hero or villain hiding in every book at the library.

Take our Summer Reading or ‘Make-it-to-Win-it’Challenge to win some very cool prizes! Plus, visit the interactive superhero and villain wall at Marrickville Library, where you can dress up in cool props and strike a pose for your superhero or supervillain pic.

All entrants must be a member of any Inner West Council library to enter.

Take the Summer Reading Challenge!

Borrow any books from the library between 1 December 2016 – 25 January 2017, and enter the prize draw with your borrowing receipt. The more you borrow the more chances you have to win!

There are two entry categories: Children (11 years and younger) and, Youth (12-18 years)

How to enter - all ages up to 18 yearsSummer Reading Club Entry Form

  1. Borrow books from any Inner West Council library branch.
  2. Complete the entry form, along with your response to the following question: “If you were a Superhero what would your superpower be?”
  3. Place your entry in the marked entry box at the library.
  4. Alternatively enter online here. (Competiton is now closed)

You can enter as many times as you like!


Ages 11 years and younger (6 winners) - $30 Gleebooks vouchers
Ages 12-18 years (6 winners) - $50 Gleebooks vouchers

Take the Summer Make it-to-Win it Challenge!

Dust off those ideas, and get creative these school holidays! With inspiration
drawn from this year’s Summer Reading Challenge theme, Heroes and Villains, get your creative juices flowing to win some super prizes!

There are two entry categories:

Children (11 years and younger) and, Youth (12-18 years)

How to enter - 11 years and youngerSummer Reading Club Entry Form

  1. Re-create a favourite scene or character as a digital animation, zine, video, painting, Manga board, sculpture or drawing.
  2. Complete the entry form and submit your entry in person at the library.
  3. Alternatively enter online here. (Competiton is now closed)

How to enter - 12-18 years

  1. Create a short film (up to 5 minutes long) around the Summer Reading theme, Heroes and Villains.
  2. Complete the entry form and submit your entry in person at the library.
  3. Alternatively enter online here. (Competiton is now closed)

Here are some tips on how to create a short film.


Children (11 years and younger)

Major Prize: $100 Gleebooks voucher
Runner up: $70 Gleebooks voucher
Second runner up: $40 Gleebooks voucher

Youth (12-18 years)
Major Prize: $200 cheque

Terms and conditions

Inner West Council's Library Summer Reading Challenge Terms and Conditions

Inner West Council's Summer Make It To Win It Terms and Conditions 

Tips on how to create a short film

Want to make a short film but don’t know how or where to start? Search ‘make a short film’ on the internet and surely you will find loads of information. Here are some websites and videos recommended by the library that are informative and straight to the point. Have fun making your film and goodluck with the competition!

Starting Small: How To Make A Short Film

Although a filmmaker might be tempted to grab a camera and begin shooting impromptu scenes, a good film tells a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. A script ensures that a film tells such a story. Includes information on selecting a camera, editing the film and what free software packages are available.

How to make a short film: 11 pro tips for movie making

Making a film is divided into three stages – pre-production (scripting, raising funds and planning), production (shooting the film) and post-production (editing, grading and visual effects). What you do before the camera starts rolling is as important as what you do on the day. Script and storyboard your film, make sure you've budgeted for all your needs and get copyright clearances for visuals and music – otherwise you might not be able to show your film in festivals or get distribution. Make a list of the resources you have available to you and work out what sort of story you can tell with them. Got access to an unusual location or prop? Make it the centrepiece of your film.

Video: How to Make A Short Film: Important Tips and Advice

Important tips and advice about things you should know when making a short film, from managing backstory, to what to avoid in the writing process!

Video: How to Make a Short Film

Professors and students from Santa Fe University of Art and Design explain exactly what it takes to make a short film. Hear about the pre-production (coming up with an idea, writing a screenplay, creating storyboards, scouting locations, raising money, and recruiting a crew), filming, and post production processes. Watch examples of student's short films at the end of this video.

Video: 7 Things to Know About Making Short Films! : FRIDAY 101

Seven important things to know about short films, from efficient exposition, to what the best length is when submitting to film festivals!