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Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Walking in MarrickvilleA range of recreational walks (also known as Walk Wise routes) has been developed in the Marrickville area.

These routes incorporate some of council's parks, local historical features and landscape. Take a leisurely stroll alongside the Cooks River, through Enmore or Camperdown Park, or admire the heritage streetscapes of Enmore and Stanmore. Walk Wise routes are shown on the 'Staying Active in Marrickville' map.

Physical activity – it's never too late

Just 30 minutes of moderate physical activity, like walking, on most days of the week can help you maintain good health. It's never too late to start being active and some activity is better than none at all.

You can make up this 30 minutes by leaving the car at home for short trips. Incorporate regular exercise into daily tasks such as shopping, attending local events, playing, visiting friends and family and commuting. Try walking your children to school or getting off the bus a few stops earlier.

Benefits of physical activity

People who enjoy regular physical activity tend to:

  • Feel more energetic;
  • Be less likely to have heard disease and cancer;
  • Have reduced stress and depression;
  • Experience enhanced levels of concentration, learning and memory;
  • Live longer;
  • Manage weight better;
  • Feel more confident, happy relaxed and able to sleep better.

Explore our Urban Centres on foot

Walking is a great way to experience the vibrant shopping strips in the local area – from the boutiques and cafes of King Street in Newtown to the fresh produce stalls of Marrickville Road.

  • Newtown
    Newtown is an entertainment hub with cafés, restaurants and pubs in abundance and shops offering everything from homewares to a treasure trove of second-hand clothing.
  • Dulwich Hill
    A village atmosphere at the intersection of Marrickville Road and New Canterbury Road, Dulwich Hill tempts visitors with exotic flavours available from its authentic restaurants, cafes, groceries and bakeries.
  • Marrickville
    Friendly shopkeepers and a sense of community characterise the Marrickville shopping strip. Here you will find Arabic bakeries, Greek cafes and restaurants, Vietnamese bakeries and a range of Asian supermarkets, green grocers and pho houses.
  • Petersham
    Sydney's 'Little Portugal'. Patisseries offer mount-watering Portuguese sweets, local grocers and butchers sell traditional Portuguese smallgoods and a string of restaurants along the strip offer authentic Portuguese cuisine, and an award-winning Greek restaurant.

Embrace the local environment

Marrickville is home to a range of parks and reserves - great places to take a stroll and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

  • GreenWay
    The GreenWay is a vision to link the Cooks River and Iron Cove with a revegetated, alternative transport corridor.
  • Tempe Reserve and Tempe Lands
    Tempe Reserve has something to offer the whole family and is an important regional open space area.
  • Parks and reserves
    From historic ovals at Petersham and Camperdown, to Henson Park and neighbourhood playgrounds, Council offers a range of open spaces for our citizens to enjoy.

Accessible Pathways

Walking in MarrickvilleMarrickville Council's Accessible Pathways Program involves the installation of kerb ramps along our priority pedestrian pathways to ensure everyone, including people with a range of mobility needs is able to move about our area safely and independently.

In high volume pedestrian zones such as shopping strips, tactile indicators have been installed to assist people who are blind or have limited sight to negotiate crossings more easily.

The program has complemented the PAMP (Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan) works program which, in addition to access, also looks at the links between safety, traffic and public transport.

Get involved!

Regular exercise can be an enjoyable and social activity. If you are interested in joining a walking group or starting a group in your area contact: