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Perfect Match

Jumboist, Sub Tropical Bird of Flight

Artist: Jumboist
Title: Sub Tropical Bird of Flight
Location: The Asylum Seekers Centre, Bedford Street, Newtown

"The idea is to express the feel of 'sub tropicalia' in a unique localised kind of distinctive way. The work is about engaging and uniting all types of people."

Petersham Water Tower, illuminated for Perfect Match 2015

Petersham Water Tower, illuminated for Perfect Match 2015

Perfect Match 2016

Marrickville is home to one of Australia's most dynamic art and street art scenes and Perfect Match brings artists, residents, businesses and property owners together to collaboratively create fantastic new works in public places across Marrickville.

Property owners, residents and businesses

If you are a Marrickville resident or property owner and interested for Council to fund an artist to create a work on a wall that has been subject to unwanted graffiti, apply online using the link below.


If you are an artist wanting to be commissioned by Council to create a street artwork on a wall or in a public place in Marrickville, apply online using the link below. We are seeking bold, new and innovative ideas and concepts that reflect the unique heritage, character and style of communities and sites across Marrickville.

Artworks will be installed July to August 2016 with the Perfect Match program of free tours and events celebrating creativity and art presented late July/early August 2016.

Applications close 5pm, 26 February 2016.

About the Perfect Match program

The Perfect Match Contemporary Public Art Program is an opportunity for people of all ages to meet artists at work, share stories, and learn about the art, the places and people that make the Marrickville area such a celebrated blend of gritty industrial heritage, creative innovation, culture and great lifestyle.